Public Policy

MALDEF promotes social change through our advocacy work in the areas of education, employment, immigrants’ rights, and political access. 


MALDEF’s advocacy focuses on universal access to schools, fair distribution of public education resources, and improving quality for all students.


MALDEF advocates for equal access to hiring and promotions, safe and fair working conditions, and workplaces free of discrimination and harassment.

  • Boycott Paramount Films

    Boycott Paramount Films

    MALDEF is a vocal advocate for greater representation of Latinos in the film industry. We stand with the National Hispanic Media Coalition in a boycott of Paramount Pictures until the studio reverses its woeful record of excluding Latinos from its movies.

Immigrants' Rights

MALDEF advocates for equal treatment of immigrants in the public and private sectors and works to preserve their due process and civil rights.

Voting Rights

MALDEF works to strengthen voting rights and bolster political representation at all levels of government.

Access to Justice

MALDEF is devoted to eliminating barriers that prevent Latinos from having meaningful and unfettered access to challenge discriminatory policies.

Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund